Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid Character Are You Quiz?

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Do you have a soft heart like Greg Heffley? Do you enjoy both creating and playing comics and video games? Or are you more like Greg's devoted best pal Rowley Jefferson? Find out which Diary of a Wimpy Kid character you are by taking this quiz! You'll be asked questions about your personality, interests, and relationships in this quiz. One of the four major characters from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series—Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Manny Heffley, or Rodrick Heffley—will be allocated to you based on your responses. So why are you still waiting? Now, find out which Diary of a Wimpy you are by taking the quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What's your idea of a great weekend?

A. Playing video games all day

B. Going on an adventurous hike

C. Relaxing with a good book or movie

D. Attending a party or social event

2. How do you handle embarrassing situations?

A. Laugh it off and make a joke about it

B. Pretend like it didn't happen and move on

C. Get really upset and try to avoid anyone who saw it

D. Embrace it and turn it into a funny story to share

3. Your favorite subject in school is:

A. Art or music

B. Science or technology

C. English or literature

D. Physical education or sports

4. What's your preferred way of resolving conflicts?

A. Using humor and defusing the situation

B. Finding a logical solution through discussion

C. Writing or expressing your feelings

D. Standing up for yourself or fighting back if needed

5. Which word describes your fashion sense?

A. Casual and comfortable

B. Trendy and stylish

C. Unique and creative

D. Sporty and practical

6. How do you handle a difficult challenge?

A. Get nervous but give it your best shot

B. Strategically plan your approach

C. Seek help from friends or family

D. Try to avoid it altogether

7. Your dream vacation spot would be:

A. A cozy cabin in the woods

B. An exciting city with lots of attractions

C. A serene beachfront villa

D. A theme park with thrilling rides

8. What's your reaction when things don't go as planned?

A. Make the best of it and find a new approach

B. Get frustrated and upset

C. Laugh it off and see the silver lining

D. Try to control the situation as much as possible

9. Your ideal Friday night involves:

A. Having a movie marathon at home

B. Attending a concert or live event

C. Going to a book club or art class

D. Hanging out with friends at a party

10. How do you handle criticism?

A. Take it to heart and try to improve

B. Brush it off and stay confident

C. Analyze it critically and learn from it

D. Get defensive and argue back

11. Your friends would describe you as:

A. Funny and lighthearted

B. Intelligent and resourceful

C. Kind and empathetic

D. Energetic and outgoing

12. Your favorite way to spend free time is:

A. Playing a musical instrument or singing

B. Solving puzzles or doing experiments

C. Reading or writing

D. Playing sports or staying active

13. How do you react to a big surprise?

A. Laugh and enjoy the unexpected moment

B. Analyze and figure out the reason behind it

C. Express genuine excitement and gratitude

D. Get anxious and unsure about what's happening

14. What's your approach to making new friends?

A. Use humor and charm to connect

B. Showcase your talents or skills

C. Show genuine interest and listen carefully

D. Be outgoing and initiate conversations

15. How do you deal with bullies or difficult people?

A. Use humor to disarm them

B. Stand up for yourself and confront them

C. Try to understand their perspective and diffuse the situation

D. Ignore them and avoid any conflict


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