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Quiz: Which Tomorrow X Together Member Is Your Soulmate?

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Do you also like to listen to music to heal your inner peace or refresh your mood? Do you also think that music is the best therapy? If you are also a music lover, then you must be aware of the very fine band Tomorrow X Together, one of the finest Korean boys group? Are you also aware of all the members of the group? Have you ever thought what if any of the members of the group is your soulmate? How might your life be? Who might be your partner among all? If you are confused about who might be your soulmate, then try out this interesting trivia quiz and put an end to your confusion!!

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1. What is your personality?

113171 Shy
113172 Smart
113173 Generous
113174 Adventurous

2. What is your favorite color?

113175 Red
113176 Purple
113177 Black
113178 Blue

3. What do you prefer?

113179 Mountains
113180 Beaches
113181 Forests
113182 Countryside

4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

113183 Introvert
113184 Extrovert
113185 Introverted Extrovert
113186 Extroverted Introvert

5. Who is your favorite animal?

113187 Butterfly
113188 Rabbit
113189 Mouse
113190 Cat

6. Choose your favorite flower?

113191 Roses
113192 Daffodils
113193 Lily
113194 Tulip

7. What is your favorite hobby?

113195 Reading
113196 Dancing
113197 Painting
113198 Cooking

8. Pick your favorite food?

113199 Pineapples
113200 Apples
113201 Dimsums
113202 Garlic Bread

9. Choose your favorite singer?

113203 Bruno Mars
113204 Bebe Rexha
113205 Trevor Scott
113206 Justin Bieber

10. Choose your favorite genre of movie?

113207 Romance
113208 Horror
113209 Action
113210 Comedy

11. What might be your role if you were in a K Pop group?

113211 Guitarist
113212 Drummer
113213 Lead SInger
113214 Rapper

12. Pick your other favorite K-Pop idol?

113215 Jungkook from BTS
113216 Jimin from BTS
113217 Suga from BTS
113218 Sahna from Astro
Let’s start the quiz

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