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The Karate Kid Movie Quiz: How Much You Know About The Karate Kid Movie?

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Questions & Options

1. Who was the one who helped Daniel to recognize his soccer skills on his first day at the new school?

174411 No One
174412 Ali Mils
174413 Stacy Jannetty
174414 Rose Redwood

2. Who was the one responsible for the aggressive move at the first meeting of Daniel and Johnny Lawrence?

174415 Daniel La Russo
174416 Don't know
174417 Johny Lawrence
174418 Both

3. What did Mr. Miyagi do to resolve the situation of the stand-off with the beach lotus?

174419 Karate chops the top off all four beer bottles
174420 Yell at everyone
174421 Roundhouse kick knocks capp off Lout No 1
174422 Reverse their bikes

4. What is the name of Daniel's mother?

174423 Lucille LaRusso
174424 Dottie LaRusso
174425 Lucifer
174426 I don't know

5. Name the friend of Daniel who became friends with him even after getting knocked on his ass at his first meeting with Daniel?

174427 Stella
174428 Freddy
174429 George
174430 Benji

6. In school dance, which costume does Daniel show up in?

174431 Superhero
174432 Spaceman
174433 Skeleton
174434 Shower

7. Name Johnny Lawrence's sensei at his dojo.

174435 Daniel
174436 Sanders
174437 John Kreese
174438 Pete

8. During the training of Daniel, what was the first chore given to him by Mr. Miyagi?

174439 Car Waxing
174440 Floor Sanding
174441 Painting
174442 Cooking

9. What happens that Dojo does Daniel visit prior to joining the karate class?

174443 Fear
174444 Cobra Kai
174445 No Mercy
174446 Thunderfists

10. What was the role of Mr. Miyagi in the movie?

174447 Karate Instructor
174448 Salesman
174449 Cook
174450 Handyman

11. Prior Daniel and his mother drive cross-country and lastly cae to Reseda, L.A, where did they come from?

174451 Atlanta, Georgia
174452 Newark, New jersey
174453 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
174454 McLean, Virginia

12. Mr. Miyaki was practicing a move at the beach spotted by Daniel, which move exactly it was?

174455 Karate
174456 Fumikomi
174457 Crane Kick
174458 Kakato Geri
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