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Quiz: Which Steven Universe Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. According to you, the most optimistic and positive expression of you is-

133650 Free-spirited
133651 Intelligence
133652 Independence
133653 Organized

2. Which is your weapon?

133654 Giant robots
133655 Shield
133656 Spear
133657 Whip

3. What is your favorite food?

133658 Strawberry Jam
133659 Cookie cat
133660 Burrito
133661 I don’t have any favorite food

4. What is your biggest fear?

133662 Losing loved ones
133663 Being alone
133664 Failure
133665 Not being respected

5. What is your favorite activity at the weekend?

133666 Enjoying and eating out with friends
133667 Playing volleyball
133668 Relaxing on the couch and playing a video game
133669 Practicing my hobby

6. What is your favorite animal from the below-

133670 Lion Roar
133671 Cat Steven
133672 Dogs
133673 I do not like animals

7. What type of music do you like?

133674 Classic
133675 I like every genre of music
133676 Rock
133677 Hip-hop

8. What is your facial expression while taking a selfie?

133678 I pose like the boss
133679 I pout
133680 It’s a lot of smiles
133681 Just be natural as normally I am

9. Do you enjoy reading?

133682 Sometimes
133683 Always
133684 I never read books
133685 No I do not like

10. Do you like breaking the rules?

133686 No, I strictly follow rules
133687 Yes, I like to break rules
133688 Sometimes when I think they interfere
133689 I often break rules
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