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Quiz: Which Moesha Character Are You?

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If you know who Moesha is then you’re surely a fan of the classic sitcoms of the 90s. The typical teenage life is relatable enough even now. Being a part of such a life is an adventure. Can you relate to any of the characters? Do you find yourself among the Mitchell household? Take the quiz to find out which ‘Moesha’ character are you.

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1. How old are you?

128018 1-12
128019 13-19
128020 20-30
128021 30-60

2. Which defines your personality?

128022 Stubborn
128023 Funny
128024 Optimistic
128025 Sensible

3. What is your profession?

128026 In high school
128027 Struggling actor/actress
128028 Principle
128029 Mechanic

4. Have you ever been part of a high school scandal?

128030 All the time
128031 Only once
128032 I stay away from trouble
128033 I’m the one spreading rumors

5. What is the biggest family drama you’ve experienced?

128034 Family fistfight on Christmas
128035 Aunt caught cheating once
128036 Cousin stole money from my dad
128037 None

6. What is your biggest flaw?

128038 Too strict
128039 Too imaginative
128040 Too careless
128041 Too headstrong

7. Which defines your best friend?

128042 Very cheerful
128043 Annoying but still love her
128044 Too shy
128045 Most popular in school

8. What is your dream job?

128046 Teacher
128047 Actor/actress
128048 CEO
128049 Not sure

9. If you knew something that might hurt others, you would __________?

128050 Keep it secret
128051 Write an anonymous letter
128052 Tell someone trustworthy
128053 Tell everyone, I can’t keep secrets

10. If you lost a parent, you would __________?

128054 Hope your other parent remarried
128055 Help your parent to date again
128056 Want your parent to stay single
128057 Wouldn’t care, it’s his/her life
Let’s start the quiz

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