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What Kind Of Dog Should I Get Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What sort of look do you expect for your new dog?

17097 Small
17098 Large
17099 Chubby
17100 Intense look

2. What is the basic need you feel for which you need a dog?

17101 Security
17102 Friend
17103 Pet
17104 Desire

3. What type of nature do you expect from your dog?

17105 Friendly
17106 Wild
17107 Angry
17108 All

4. Do you have prior experience of keeping a dog or its first time you are planning to keep a dog as a pet?

17109 Prior had one
17110 No experience
17111 Had another pet
17112 Not had own dog

5. Will you be training your pet?

17113 Yes
17114 Advance Training
17115 Normal Training
17116 No

6. Do you have kids to play with your dog?

17117 Yes
17118 No
17119 Planning for kid
17120 Kids at neighbour

7. What plans do you have with your future dog?

17121 Plan to go for walk every morning
17122 Play with him
17123 Groom your dog
17124 Train your dog

8. Do you have your family to take care of your dog once you leave for somewhere?

17125 No will have to be alone
17126 Available always
17127 Family
17128 Neighbors will l take care

9. How active do you expect your dog to be?

17129 Super Active
17130 Moderate Active
17131 Not thought
17132 Active and alert

10. Per day for how long would you make your dog do exercise?

17133 1 hour
17134 30 minutes
17135 Couch potato
17136 Depends over your time
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