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What Do Your Shoes Say About You Quiz

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1. What is the most important thing you think while buying your shoes?

84081 Would they match my outfit completely?
84082 Is it kinda cool?
84083 Sporty or Comfy enough?
84084 Hope they look good?

2. How would you describe yourself a person as?

84085 Lives life fullest
84086 Wants to live a life of happiness
84087 An attitudee who doesn't likes a lot of people
84088 Cool and chilled

3. Which place would you love to live in?

84089 A calm place
84090 Where I can get my friends
84091 Where I high quality of life
84092 Where people are happy and humorous

4. What makes you happiest?

84093 Shoes matching my outfit
84094 Getting favorite color shoes
84095 Shoes that fits me
84096 I remain happy anyways

5. How will people describe your shoe collection?

84097 Dream
84098 Wow So colourful
84099 So simply adorable
84100 Creative

6. How many pairs of dress shoes have you purchased in the last two years?

84101 1
84102 Can't count (Many)
84103 Quite a few
84104 4-5

7. What is your sexiest pair of shoes look like?

84105 Black
84106 Quirky
84107 Sexy As hell
84108 I am not sure if I own a sexy pair of shoes

8. Which kind of of shoes require in winters?

84109 I don't dress by season, i dress by look
84110 Warm and comfort
84111 Creativity
84112 Black

9. What do you feel about laces?

84113 Better as adornment
84114 Should be functional
84115 The more the better
84116 I'm okay even if I don't get

10. What do you prefer?

84117 Shoes for different types of functions and events
84118 Shoes for different moods
84119 Shoes for weathers
84120 Shoes for movements
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