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What Do Your Accessories Say About You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you like to wear accessories?

83885 A lot of
83886 Quite a few
83887 No, I am good without that
83888 Yeah, but different kind of

2. Can you go a day without accessories?

83889 Yes no big deal for me
83890 I prefer a few accessories
83891 Well, I'd don't mind some even if they don't match with my outfit
83892 No chance

3. Do you like handbags?

83893 Yes, kinda nice one
83894 Obvio a tip top one
83895 Yes, kinda unique
83896 Well, I am good without one

4. What type of footwear do you prefer?

83897 Simple flats
83898 Heels might not match but ill work
83899 Sneakers matching my outfits
83900 Footwear matching my outfit

5. Do you like watches and bracelets in your hand?

83901 Yes, obviously I want best accessories
83902 I am good with a watch
83903 I am okay even if I don't wear
83904 Well any kinda would work for me

6. Do you prefer earings?

83905 Yeah, simple one works for me
83906 I am good without it
83907 Yes, I like to try unique pattern
83908 Yes, a lot of matching my outfit

7. Do you carry makeup essentials in your bag?

83909 A lot of
83910 I prefer to try unique colors so yes
83911 No I don't like to carry?
83912 Yes, but just a few

8. Do you prefer necklaces?

83913 Yes, of some unique styles
83914 No, I don't prefer them
83915 Yes, but only one simple works for me
83916 Yeah, always matching my outfit

9. Have people ever complimented you on your accessories?

83917 Well, quite a few
83918 No they do that on my nature
83919 Some people like my unique style
83920 Yes, everyone loves it

10. What is style according to you?

83921 Casual
83922 Very Simple
83923 Experimental and unique
83924 Way too good
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