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Rob Kardashian Trivia Quiz! How Big Fan Are You Of Rob Kardashian?

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Robert Arthur Kardashian is from America. He is a very famous, renowned and a very talented American television personality. Apart from a television personality, he is also a successful businessmen. He is professionally known as Rob Kardashian. He is a heartthrob for millions of people. Let us now look at the trivia quiz and see how much you know about the amazing Rob Kadarshian!

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1. What is the birthdate of Rob Kardashian?

24438 15 august
24439 16 january
24440 17 march
24441 18 september

2. When was Rob Kardashian born?

24442 1987
24443 1988
24444 1989
24445 1990

3. Where was Rob Kardashian born?

24446 Cuba
24447 California
24448 Budapest
24449 Bali

4. What is Rob Kardashian's age in 2019?

24450 22
24451 27
24452 32
24453 37

5. What is the height of Rob Kardashian?

24454 1.76 meters
24455 1.85 meters
24456 1.67 meters
24457 1.54 meters

6. How many children does Rob kardashian have?

24458 0
24459 1
24460 2
24461 3

7. What relation does Rob Kardashian has with Kim Kardashain?

24462 Daughter
24463 Friend
24464 Mother
24465 Sibling

8. What is the name of the father of Rob Kardashian?

24466 Robert Kardashian
24467 Kaynes Kardashian
24468 Ted Kardashian
24469 John Kardashian

9. What is the net worth of Rob Kardashian?

24470 $6 million
24471 $8 million
24472 $10 million
24473 $12 million

10. Who is the girlfriend of Rob Kardashian?

24474 Beyonce
24475 Taylor Swift
24476 Miley Cyrus
24477 Blac Chyna
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