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Test Your Knowledge About Phylum Hemichordata! Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Phylum Hemichordata

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Hemichordata is a phylum of marine animal and it is considered as the sister of Echinodermata. They have an organ-system level of organization. The notochord is absent many taxonomists do not consider this animal as chordates body of hemichordate is divisible into proboscis, collar, and trunk. They have a digestive system with open mouth and ciliary feeders. They feed on planktons, sand, and mud to digest organic matter from it there is a preoral extension of the gut called stomochord in proboscis region. They respire through U shaped dorso-ventral pharyngeal gill slits. Single glomerulus in probosci's act as an excretory organ. Sensory cells in the epidermis. Their larva is Tornaria because of its habit of rotating in a circle. Tornaria resembles bipinnaria of echinoderms and is a connecting link between echinoderms and chordates. So take this quiz and test your knowledge about phylum Hemichordate.

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1. In which phylum, the body is divisible into head drunk and collar?

36019 Arthropoda
36020 Mollusca
36021 Urochordate
36022 Hemichordate

2. Gastrula formation in hemichordates involve....

36023 Invagination
36024 Ingression
36025 Epiboly
36026 None of these

3. The non-contractile heart is a characteristic of.....

36027 Asterias
36028 Balanoglossus
36029 Pila
36030 Pheretima

4. Balanoglossus lives in....

36031 U shaped burrow
36032 Vertical burrow
36033 Open Sea
36034 Horizontal burrow

5. Notochord like structure in buccal reason in hemichordates is....

36035 Protochord
36036 Pallium
36037 Stomochord
36038 Mantle

6. Which coelom in Balanoglossus does not open out?

36039 Protocol
36040 Metacoel
36041 Mesocoel
36042 All of the above

7. Fertilization in balanoglossus occurs in....

36043 Genital Wings
36044 Sea water
36045 Sometimes external and sometimes internal
36046 None of the above

8. The notochord is higher vertebrates from....

36047 Brain and spinal cord
36048 Gill slit
36049 Muscles
36050 Vertebral column

9. In hemichordates, the dorsal nerve cord is...

36051 Absent
36052 Present throughout length
36053 Restricted to collar reason
36054 Restricted to tail reason

10. Hemichordates have....

36055 Closed circulation, colourless blood
36056 Closed circulation, coloured blood
36057 Open circulation, coloured blood
36058 Open circulation, colourless blood
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