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Quiz: How Strong Are You?

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Do you like strong people? Have you ever seen someone strong either physically or emotionally? Do you know there are some factors that determine whether how much strongness do you have? Have you ever thought about your level of being strong? Do you want to know how your level of strongness affects your personality or describes it? For all the personality lovers, we bring a very interesting quiz which will give you the answer to the question How Strong Are You? Try out this quiz and see what you get as your result!!

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1. What is your personality?

116692 Generous
116693 Adventurous
116694 Quirky
116695 Smart

2. What is your favorite color?

116696 Green
116697 Black
116698 White
116699 Yellow

3. Choose the place where you'd have grown up?

116700 Mansion
116701 Apartment
116702 Small house
116703 Farm in the country

4. How often do you exercise?

116704 Often
116705 Very often
116706 Somewhat
116707 Rarely

5. How often do you indulge in fights?

116708 Often
116709 Very Often
116710 Rarely
116711 Somewhat

6. How often do you help others?

116712 Rarely
116713 Somewhat
116714 Often
116715 Very Often

7. How often you know how to cope up with stress?

116716 Often
116717 Somewhat
116718 Rarely
116719 Very Often

8. Choose a game you play a lot?

116724 Fighting
116725 Football
116726 Chess
116727 Hide and Seek

9. How often you've experienced heartbroken?

116732 Very Often
116733 Often
116734 Somewhat
116735 Rarely

10. How often you've been a victim of crime?

116740 Rarely
116741 Somewhat
116742 Often
116743 Very Often

11. Have you ever broken the law?

116744 Yes, always
116745 Never
116746 Just once
116747 2-3 times

12. Describe your love life?

116748 Happily married
116749 Single and happy
116750 Newly dating
116751 Ready for change
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