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Mitochondria Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Mitochondria Or ATP Mills Or Power House Of The Cell Or Bioenergetics Of The Cell?

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Mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell is the second-largest organelle in animal cells. They are self-replicating bodies with a life span of 7-10 days. Mitochondria present only in eukaryotic cells except for mature RBCs and anaerobic cells. The number of mitochondria in any cell depends upon the metabolic activities of the cell. For example, the kidney has 300-400 mitochondria, oocytes have 30,000 mitochondria, the liver has 1000-1600 mitochondria and in yeast, it is less than 10. Mitochondria is double-membrane organelle. The outer permeable membrane is stretched tightly and inner selectively permeable membrane form folds called Cristae with a large number of bat-like structures attached called Oxisomes. They are also known as the powerhouse of the cell or storage batteries or ATP mills of the cell. So Take tHis quiz and increase your knowledge about mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell

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1. Who discovered Mitochondria?

29758 Morgan
29759 Altman
29760 Kolliker
29761 Carl Benda

2. Who named Mitochondria as a Bioblast?

29762 Benda
29763 Kolliker
29764 Altman
29765 Miller

3. Mitochondria are the site of ......

29766 Protein formation
29767 Cellular respiration
29768 Blood formation
29769 Sperm formation

4. The outer chamber of mitochondria helps in elongation of ......

29770 Fatty acid chain
29771 Acidic acid chain
29772 Sulfuric acid chain
29773 Boric acid chain

5. What formation during ovum development is done by mitochondria?

29774 Sperm
29775 Blood
29776 Yolk
29777 None of the above

6. Mitochondria can store and release ______ whenever is required.

29778 Calcium cation
29779 Iron cation
29780 Phosphorous cation
29781 All of the above

7. Which part of the sperm formed by mitochondria?

29782 Head
29783 Tail
29784 Middle peice
29785 None of the above

8. How much percentage of the cell's enzymes are present in mitochondria?

29786 30%
29787 40%
29788 60%
29789 70%

9. Which one performed the aerobic respiration?

29790 Mitochondria
29791 Glyoxisome
29792 Lysosome
29793 Chloroplast

10. ET chain occurs in .....

29794 Ribosome
29795 Cytoplasm
29796 Oxisome
29797 Peroxisome

11. Mitochondria multiply through.......

29798 Budding
29799 Binary fission
29800 Multiple fission
29801 Amitosis

12. Where are maximum mitochondria are found?

29802 Liver cell
29803 Sperm
29804 Kidney cell
29805 Flight muscles

13. Which one of the following is the center of phosphorylation?

29806 Ribosome
29807 Peroxisome
29808 Oxisome
29809 Mitochondria

14. Who named Mitochondria as Sarcosome?

29814 Benda
29815 Altman
29816 Miller
29817 Kolliker
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