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Quiz: How Much Do I Love My Partner?

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Questions & Options

1. What is your love language?

165912 Physical touch
165913 Receiving gifts
165914 Quality time
165915 Words of affirmation

2. How long have you been in a relationship with your partner?

165916 Less than 1 year
165917 1-2 years
165918 3-5 years
165919 More than 5 years

3. Would you marry your partner?

165920 I’m already married to him/her
165921 I will probably have to think for some more time about this
165922 Yes, for sure
165923 Definitely not

4. Who pays the bills when you two go on a date?

165924 My girlfriend
165925 My boyfriend
165926 We split it
165927 Anyone of us

5. How often do you fight?

165928 Rarely
165929 Quite a few times
165930 So many times
165931 Whenever we do, we resolve it asap

6. What is the thing that attracts you most about your partner?

165932 Looks
165933 Sense of humour
165934 Nature
165935 Intellect

7. How many times have you two gone out for a trip?

165936 Never
165937 Just a couple of times
165938 A few times
165939 So many times

8. Do you ever feel that your relationship may fall apart?

165940 Quite often
165941 Never
165942 Rarely
165943 It may it may not

9. What kind of couple are you too?

165944 Opposite to each other
165945 Alike
165946 We have few interests in common
165947 I hardly about his/her interests

10. What is one thing you still haven’t done with your partner?

165948 Going to a trip with him/her
165949 Making love
165950 Posted something for him/her on social media
165951 Danced with him/her in a party
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