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Which Kind Of Skirt Should You Wear Quiz

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1. How do you spend your weekends?

84397 Reading
84398 Maybe doing some house chores
84399 Chilling and partying
84400 Sleeping or parties

2. Do you believe that colors enhance your look?

84401 Of course
84402 I think so
84403 It's a myth
84404 I don't care

3. Do you like patterns?

84405 No, plain is best
84406 I just like dark colors
84407 They are kinda my like
84408 I am a happy medium between the two

4. Do you prefer high heels?

84409 Yes, my bae!
84410 Just for parties
84411 Only if they match my outfit
84412 I am not a big fan

5. Do you like to wear crop tops?

84413 Not much into this
84414 Yeah, if it matches my outfit
84415 Yes, but not always
84416 Yes, They are totally my style

6. What is your favorite accessory?

84417 Charm Bracelet
84418 Earrings
84419 Watch
84420 I don't mind any kind of accessory

7. What according to you is your best asset?

84421 Confidence
84422 My style
84423 Hair
84424 Beauty

8. Do you like laces in your outfits?

84425 No, I am good without it
84426 Yeah, but only stylish
84427 I think it might add a nice touch
84428 Yes, they get along with my outfit

9. Do you like to wear floral skirts?

84429 Nope
84430 Quite a few
84431 Only if they match the theme of any party
84432 Yes, totally

10. Which statement suits you?

84433 I am a confident person
84434 I am a happy go person
84435 I like being an old school
84436 I am a quirky
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