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Which Belt Should You Wear Quiz

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Fashion is a great thing! Only some people know how to drool over it. Do you really there are several accessories that you need to wear to outlook this fashion! Well, the basic accessory includes Belts! They are really into fashion now and are getting much famous with their trends. Do you really think you know well about your fashion sense and belts? Do you want to know which kind of belts would suit you? You should really take this quiz and you will see what fashion sense will suit you!

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1. What do you think about what type of personality you have?

83965 Cool and fun
83966 Broad minded and open
83967 Confident and attitude
83968 Simple one with a happy face

2. What can you about your fashion sense?

83969 Quirky yet cool
83970 Simple yet adorable
83971 Classy
83972 Unique and experimental

3. Are you a mall person or a street market?

83973 I am just a mall person
83974 I am kinda both equally
83975 I like malls more but prefer markets too somewhat
83976 I am a street market type kinda simple one

4. Have you ever been complimented on your styling?

83977 Quite a few !
83978 Yeah some often do that
83979 People appreciate my outfits
83980 Yeah! everyone does

5. Can you ever forget your belt at home?

83981 No, I like my casual style
83982 No! this can't happen ever
83983 Yeah! I am okay if I forget one day
83984 Yeah! But I'd be thinking about it only then

6. Does your personality reflect your way of wearing accessories?

83985 I get much rude if I don't wear them
83986 Yeah casually a times I don't feel good
83987 I keep thinking about them and don't like to talk to anyone
83988 No, my personality is still the same

7. Do you like to change your style?

83989 Yeah ! I try great classy styles
83990 Yes! Sometimes I like to go with casual styles
83991 No! II am good with what I wear
83992 Trying some broad sense might be cool

8. Where do you like to carry your accessories most?

83993 Everywhere I go
83994 Casually everywhere
83995 Only to specific places
83996 I am okay if i don't get them

9. Are You a mountain person or a beach person?

83997 Can I say both? Coz I go everywhere
83998 Depending where I find calm
83999 Casually Where I get my best company
84000 Where I feel best ways of happiness

10. If someone loses your accessories what would you do?

84001 Would definitely screw up their life
84002 Would argue with them
84003 I might not have good attitude towards the concerned person
84004 I am okay, this can happen
Let’s start the quiz

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