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What Color Is Your Soul Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How do you spend the weekends?

65394 Hanging out with friends
65395 Relaxing with a bubble spa
65396 Go for long drives
65397 Read my favorite novels

2. You find an injured puppy beside the road. What will you do?

65398 Take it home and do the first aid
65399 Take it to the vet
65400 I don’t care
65401 Pick it and drop it to the nearby shelter home

3. What kind of books do you read?

65402 Anything
65403 A thriller
65404 A coffee book/storybook
65405 Fashion magazine

4. What is your favorite dessert?

65406 Molten lava cake
65407 Strawberry and mint mousse
65408 Ice cream sundae
65409 Blueberry cheesecake

5. Do you recall your dream when you wake up?

65410 Sometimes, only the scary ones
65411 No, I don’t
65412 Sometimes, only the happier ones
65413 Yes, I remember all

6. Are you a social person?

65414 Yes
65415 Somewhat
65416 No
65417 I have my small group, like to socialize with them only

7. How often do you meditate?

65418 I meditate every day
65419 I am not regular in meditation
65420 No, I never meditate
65421 I do yoga, crunches, and push-ups but don’t meditate

8. Are you creative?

65422 Yes
65423 No
65424 I think I am
65425 My boss & friends believe I am creative

9. Do you like dressing in black?

65426 I always wear black
65427 I don’t like black
65428 Many times I wear black in contrast
65429 I like bright colors more than black

10. What is your favorite color?

65430 Black
65431 Blue
65432 Red
65433 Yellow
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