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Quiz: What Black Sorority Should I Join?

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Sorority, which is a self-supportive race, is a privilege for women in the USA and Canada to join a certain sorority. How is your character? Are you a strong personality, are you always trustworthy and a good human? It is a culture. It is a community. Many colleges have several sororities. Have you learned which sorority you should be in if you are dark-skinned? Address these questions to learn the black sorority I ought to join?

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1. What sorority is your favorite among the following ?

52006 Kappa alpha theta
52007 Chi Omega
52008 Delta sigma theta
52009 Alpha omicron pi

2. Have you been part of these sororities?

52010 Zeta phi beta
52011 Alpha delta pi
52012 Chi omega
52013 Kappa alpha theta

3. How much you have paid to join a sorority?

52014 Less than $50
52015 $50 - $100
52016 $100 - $200
52017 More than $200

4. Who among the following have join a sorority?

52018 My friend
52019 My Family
52020 Relative
52021 None of the above

5. Which of the following you like the most?

52022 Tea
52023 Coffee
52024 Water
52025 Cold drink

6. You want to be a part of a sorority for what?

52026 To build confidence
52027 To have good communication skills
52028 To be a leader
52029 Other reason

7. Who can join a sorority?

52030 Anyone
52031 Only women
52032 Undergraduates
52033 Only old people

8. Which according to you is the hottest sorority among the following?

52034 Phi Mu
52035 Delta gamma
52036 Zeta tau alpha
52037 Kappa delta

9. Have you ever given a speech on stage?

52038 Yes, many times
52039 Yes, only few times
52040 No, never had a chance
52041 I have stage fear
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