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Quiz: How Much You Know About Insular Fauna?

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Animal species that grow in isolation from the continental landmarks due to geographical separation are called insular fauna. Insular fauna is usually found on the island that was separated from the continental landmass millions of years ago. For an example of such islands are New Zealand, Tasmania, etc. They are also found on the island that was formed due to volcanic activity or Coral accumulation hundreds of miles from the continental. Examples of such islands are Galapagos, Andaman, Nicobar, etc. So play Insular Fauna quiz and know more about insular fauna.

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1. Which of the following is the insular animal?

43465 Kiwi
43466 Albatross
43467 Golden goose
43468 Siberian crane

2. Which theory was developed after studying insular fauna?

43469 Theory of relativity
43470 Theory of origin of species
43471 Theory of catastrophism
43472 Theory of Inheritance of acquired characters

3. Which animals are likely to come across in territory of insular fauna?

43473 Marsupials
43474 Flightless birds
43475 Primates
43476 Prototherians

4. Insular means...

43477 Isolation
43478 Interaction
43479 Closely held
43480 Concerning solar or sun

5. Insular fauna is not found in the UK because.....

43481 UK is not an island
43482 There is lot of interaction between people of UK and Europe
43483 UK was separated from Main Land Europe not too long ago
43484 Animals regularly hunted, making them extinct

6. Insular fauna is found in New Zealand because......

43485 Maori tribe what animals as they settled in New Zealand
43486 Europeans bought animals as they settled in New Zealand
43487 Of the suitable environment
43488 It was separated from mainland Australia millions of years ago

7. Where in India subcontinent, do you find insular fauna?

43489 Chhattisgarh
43490 Andaman
43491 Jharkhand
43492 Kerala
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