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Spermatogenesis Trivia Quiz

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1. At sexual maturity, the undifferentiated, diploid, germ cell divide several times mitotically to produce spermatogonia ...... and ......... type.

50338 A and C
50339 B and C
50340 A and B
50341 A and D

2. Type A cells act as stem cell and type B serve as............. of sperms which enter into the growth phase.

50342 Activator
50343 Terminator
50344 Precursor
50345 None of these

3. In the growth phase, spermatogonia increases in size by obtaining Naresh mint from the............

50346 Nursing cell
50347 Sertoli cells
50348 Both of these
50349 None of these

4. Which one of the following is called primary spermatocyte?

50350 Type a cells
50351 Type b cells
50352 Daughter cells
50353 Sertoli cells

5. In the maturation phase, the first division is miosis I that is the fractional division that yields two haploid daughter cells called.........

50354 Primary spermatocyte
50355 Secondary spermatocyte
50356 Both of these
50357 None of these

6. Secondary spermatocyte undergoes second maturation division that is meiosis II and produces 4 haploids,...........

50358 Spermatids
50359 Spermatogonia
50360 Spermatocyte
50361 Spermiogenesis

7. The differentiation of nonmotile, rounded spermatids into functional, motile spermatozoa is called.........

50362 Spermiogenesis
50363 Spermioteliosis
50364 Both of these
50365 None of these

8. The nucleus of the spermatid string by losing......... And most of the water from its nucleoplasm.

50366 Mitochondria
50367 Golgi body
50368 RNA
50369 DNA

9. Which one of the following of spermatid form acrosome?

50370 Chromosome
50371 Mitochondria
50372 Golgi body
50373 Cytoplasmic droplet

10. Proximal centriole plays an important role in......... Of zygote.

50374 Development
50375 Growth
50376 Maturation
50377 Cleavage

11. The cytoplasm of spermatid forms a thin layer around the different parts of sperm. This is known as............

50378 Cytoplasmic droplet
50379 Spermiogenesis
50380 Both of these
50381 None of these

12. Which of the following called Nebenkern form a spiral ring behind the neck around the distal centriole and proximal part of axoneme?

50382 Golgi body
50383 Cytoplasm
50384 Mitochondria
50385 Ribosome
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