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Quiz: Does My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me?

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In our life, some of our ex-boyfriends leave us with a hole in our hearts while others just leave us better than we were together. If you have recently broken up and thinks that at times he thinks about you, then complete this “Does My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me Quiz” and trying to find out the results. All the best!

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1. Who gave up on the relationship first?

40663 Myself
40664 My partner
40665 Both of us
40666 No one it’s just misunderstanding

2. Was he cheated on you?

40667 Yes
40668 No I am the real culprit
40669 Both of us don’t want this relationship
40670 Don’t know

3. Do you regret your decision?

40671 Yes
40672 No
40673 Sometimes
40674 Not at all

4. Do you ever say “I Love You” during the relationship?

40675 Yes
40676 Always
40677 Never
40678 Didn’t notice

5. Does he ever try to contact you?

40679 Yes
40680 My partner calls me
40681 No
40682 I ignored the call

6. Are you looking to resolve your issues with your ex?

40683 Not really
40684 Yes, I wish for
40685 No
40686 I am confused

7. Is he committed to someone else?

40687 No
40688 Yes
40689 I wish not
40690 Not sure

8. Have you talked about your feelings after a breakup?

40691 No
40692 Yes
40693 I have tried
40694 I want to

9. Do you see him happy?

40695 Yes
40696 No
40697 I don’t know
40698 I don’t care about my partner

10. Do you think he misses you?

40699 Yes
40700 No
40701 Maybe
40702 Not sure
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