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Which Type Of Kisser Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you think of a good kisser?

82917 Naturally sexy
82918 Sets the mood
82919 Flirt
82920 Considerare

2. What kind of kiss can turn you off?

82921 No chemistry
82922 When it leads to no fun
82923 When I have no mood
82924 When there's too much biting and tongue

3. Which kiss do you like the most?

82925 Kiss on cheek
82926 Kiss on neck
82927 Quick kiss on the lips
82928 Deep & Passionate kiss on lips

4. When did you have your first kiss?

82929 High School
82930 Middle School
82931 College
82932 Still waiting for it

5. What do you feel about kissing someone new?

82933 When the moment is right
82934 After I know them
82935 As soon as i think
82936 Right away if I feel after flirting

6. Where do you keep your hand while kissing your partner?

82937 On the head and neck of person
82938 Waist of your love
82939 Wandering hands to turn on the mood
82940 A tight embrace

7. How will you describe your most memorable kiss?

82941 Hot and sensual
82942 Purely Romantic, that grew love
82943 Unplanned and spontaneous that went really well
82944 A sweet and comfortable quiz

8. What kind of weather do you prefer for kissing?

82945 Rain
82946 Snow
82947 Summer
82948 You don't need any weather , you can just do it

9. How many people have you kissed so far?

82949 Just one love
82950 2 people , might be serious relationships
82951 2 or more
82952 4 or more

10. What do you think about kissing?

82953 One of the best feelings
82954 Fine thing
82955 Important in a relationship
82956 You can do it anytime anywhere
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