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Quiz: Which Character From The Crown Are You?

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‘The Crown’ is one of those rare series that takes us into the depth of the royalty. It dramatizes history in all its glory as we see Queen Elizabeth II grow from a simple girl to a proper queen. So, are you intelligent enough to handle monarchy? Or, will you be jealous of the queen? Take the quiz to find out which character are you based on your personality.

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1. What royal title do you want to hold?

128186 Queen/King
128187 Princess/Prince
128188 Duke
128189 None

2. What type of queen would are you?

128190 Kind
128191 Pretty
128192 Intelligent
128193 Ruthless

3. If a prince proposes to marry you, you would __________?

128194 Say yes
128195 Think about it
128196 Try to marry his handsome prince brother
128197 Reject him

4. Can you handle politics?

128198 Absolutely
128199 Mostly
128200 I think so
128201 No

5. If your best friend became the queen, you would feel __________?

128202 Happy
128203 Jealous
128204 Excited
128205 Numb

6. If you liked someone else after your marriage, you would __________?

128206 Forget about it
128207 Write poems about it
128208 Tell my best friend
128209 Pursue that person

7. What was your latest dream?

128210 To explore the world
128211 Have a happy family
128212 Be popular
128213 Be a queen

8. Can you live happily under strict rules?

128214 Absolutely
128215 I’d have to think about it
128216 I’d try to find loopholes
128217 Never

9. How would you feel if your partner is more successful?

128218 Happy
128219 Proud
128220 Jealous
128221 Inferior

10. How responsible are you?

128222 Very responsible
128223 Somewhat responsible
128224 Not sure
128225 Not responsible at all
Let’s start the quiz

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