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Recycling Of Electronic Waste Quiz Question and Answer

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E-waste is also increasing in the same proportion, As digitization is increasing in countries, The main factors of its origin include the changes in technology and lifestyle of man. Computers and other related appliances and household appliances such as TVs, washing machines and fridges, and mobile phones and other related products, when out of use, are termed as e-waste. Environment and human health are affected. Health and pollution challenges are associated with waste; it is also a big cause for concern. Let's know more about Recycling Of e-waste.

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1. In the financial year, 2018-2019, approximately how many tons of e-waste was produced based on the sales figures of the companies?

60262 About 71,215 tons
60263 About 7,71,215 tons
60264 About 7,771,215 tons
60265 About 7,7771,215 tons

2. Which of the following toxic compound is found in e-waste?

60266 Mercury
60267 Cadmium
60268 Lead
60269 All of the above

3. Which is the most valuable part of a PC or TV?

60270 Copper in the cathode yoke
60271 Lead in the CRT
60272 Circuit boards
60273 All of the above

4. How are electronic west items dangerous for human health?

60274 They leach toxic metals in landfills and into ground water.
60275 Lead and mercury in components can cause metabolic changes in users
60276 Both of the above
60277 None of these

5. What does WEEE stand for?

60278 Well Electrical and Electronic Equipment
60279 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
60280 Worke on Electrical and Electronic Equipment
60281 None of these

6. Which is the correct way to recycle e-waste?

60282 Give Back to Your Electronic Companies and Drop Off Points
60283 Visit Civic Institutions
60284 Donating Your Outdated Technology
60285 All of the above

7. Why we have to recycle e-waste?

60286 It reduce pollution
60287 It reduce greenhouse gas emissions
60288 It save resources
60289 All of the above

8. What does (RRR) stand for e-west?

60290 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
60291 Rapper,Reuse, Recycle
60292 Reduce, Reuse,Require
60293 None of these

9. Which is the process of recycling CRT Monitors and Televisions?

60294 Separation of Monitor Body and Cathode Ray Tube
60295 Size reduction process
60296 Metal Removal & Washing Line
60297 All of the above

10. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor, 2017, how many million tonnes of e-waste does India generate every year?

60298 01 million metric tonnes
60299 02 million metric tonnes
60300 03 million metric tonnes
60301 04 million metric tonnes

11. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor, 2017, how many million tonnes of e-waste does the United States generate every year?

60302 45.7 million metric tonnes
60303 46.7 million metric tonnes
60304 44.7 million metric tonnes
60305 40.7 million metric tonnes

12. How to ensure our computer not generate e-waste?

60306 First, we should never throw e-waste in the trash
60307 Pass them on for reuse
60308 Recycle them
60309 All of the above
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