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How Privileged Are You Quiz

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Seamless fun it is. It is a funnier way to know how much you rate your privileges and other folks react to this. Do you have to plan for vacations long or do you never think before buying anything expensive? Some have already calculated whereas others didn't. It is your turn to find out whether or not you are truly fortunate. Respond to these 10 personality quiz questions and find out how much your privilege score is.

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1. How often do you save prior to buy something expensive?

50558 Hardly ever
50559 Sometimes
50560 I have to plan long to save enough
50561 I have to be careful

2. How many times do you go on vacation per year?

50562 Once
50563 Twice
50564 Not at all
50565 Once in two years

3. Who paid for your college?

50566 Parents
50567 I got scholarship
50568 I have to earn & pay myself
50569 It is free in my country

4. Have you been discriminated based on race/skin tone?

50570 Yes
50571 No
50572 Sometimes
50573 Often

5. Do you have access to basic needs like housing, electricity, food, and clean water?

50574 Yes
50575 No
50576 Still don't have access to all
50577 Not accessible at all

6. Have you been discriminated against on the basis of sexuality?

50578 No. Never
50579 Yes. Often
50580 Sometimes
50581 I was physically hurt

7. Have you been discriminated against due to gender?

50582 Yes. Many times
50583 No
50584 Often. Every now and then
50585 Everyday

8. Are you physically disabled?

50586 Yes
50587 No
50588 I don't have any disability
50589 I have minor disabilitty

9. How do people react to your disability?

50590 Sympathetic
50591 For granted
50592 help you
50593 Don't care

10. Who bought insurance for you?

50594 Parents
50595 Husband/wife
50596 Myself
50597 I don't have insurance
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