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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Adaptation of Temperature

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Temperature is influenced by altitude, latitude, topography, vegetation, and slope. The vertical gradient of temperature over the earth's surface is called the lapse rate/ decrease in temperature. Adaptation is the characteristic of living form which develops over a period of time and enables them to survive and reproduce within the limits of a particular environment in order to live successfully. Most of the organism lives in a narrow range of temperature that is 25 to 35-degree celsius. In ectotherms/ cold-blooded organisms, high/ low temperature causes inactivity or even death of an organism. In some organisms body temperature remains fixed, they are endotherms/ warm-blooded. So take this quiz and know more about the adaptation of temperature.

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1. Plants growing on cold soil are called.....

45938 Ectotherms
45939 Photo plankton
45940 Psychrophytes
45941 Hydrophytes

2. In temperate lakes the circulation of nutrients and oxygen twice the year spring and autumn. Such lakes are called......

45942 Salt Lake
45943 Water lake
45944 Spring lake
45945 Dimictic lake

3. According to which rule warm-blooded animals of cold regions are large size than those of warmer regions?

45946 Allen's rule
45947 Bergmann's rule
45948 Jordan's rule
45949 All of these

4. According to which rule the tail, snout, ears, and legs of mammals are relatively shorter in the colder region than in the warmer regions?

45950 Rensch's rule
45951 Glover's rule
45952 Allen's rule
45953 Bergmann's rule

5. According to which rule found in cold water tend to have more vertebrae than those found in warm water?

45954 Bergmann's rule
45955 Allen's rule
45956 Jordan's rule
45957 None of these

6. According to which rule Hyla and Phyrynosoma are dark-skinned even at low temperatures?

45958 Jordan's rule
45959 Gloger's rule
45960 Rensch's rule
45961 Allen's rule

7. Which of the following goes through aestivation?

45962 Spider
45963 Reptiles
45964 Amphibians
45965 All of these

8. When a plant is today temperature a few degrees above the maximum Torrent Power its plasma gets killed it is called......

45966 Thermal point
45967 Colder point
45968 Death point
45969 Thermal death point

9. According to which rule the birds of the colder regions tend to have narrower wings video then the birds found in warmer regions?

45970 Bergmann's rule
45971 Jordan's rule
45972 Rensch's rule
45973 Allen's rule

10. The polar bear is........ Than black bear of temperate region.

45974 Smaller
45975 Larger
45976 Equal
45977 None of these
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