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Quiz: How Do You Feel About Spending Time Alone?

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Are you an introvert? Do you know the feeling of being an introvert? Introverts generally tend to like their space more than having a talk with anyone. But there are certain people who somewhere are not in the favor of being alone. Have you ever thought about what might be your way of feeling in the situation of being alone? How will you react to the same situation? Will you able to cope with your feelings? If you are chaotic among your feeling then try out this very interesting quiz and see How do you feel about spending time alone?

Let’s start the quiz

1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

122384 Introvert
122385 Extrovert
122386 Introverted Extrovert
122387 Extroverted Introvert

2. What is your personality?

122388 Generous
122389 Smart
122390 Adventurous
122391 Nebulious

3. How often do you take the stress?

122392 Very Often
122393 Often
122394 Rarely
122395 Somewhat

4. How often you've been heartbroken?

122396 Very Often
122397 Rarely
122398 Somewhat
122399 Often

5. How often do you talk to your friends?

122400 Very Often
122401 Often
122402 Rarely
122403 Somewhat

6. Do you feel socially awkward?

122404 Somewhat disagree
122405 Agree
122406 Disagree
122407 Somewhat agree

7. Do you have a lot of friends?

122408 I can just count them on my hand
122409 Several groups
122410 1-2 groups
122411 Not sure

8. How often do you have conversations with things around you?

122412 Often
122413 Rarely
122414 Somewhat
122415 Very Often

9. How often do you feel like no one understands you?

122416 Rarely
122417 Somewhat
122418 Often
122419 Very Often

10. Have you ever thought you are in a depression?

122420 Often
122421 Rarely
122422 Somewhat
122423 Very often

11. How often do you drink?

122424 Somewhat
122425 Often
122426 Very Often
122427 Rarely

12. How often do you feel unmotivated?

122428 Always
122429 Sometimes
122430 Quite a few times
122431 Never
Let’s start the quiz

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