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Does He Like Me Quiz Only For Teen Girl

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He adores me, he cherishes me not....He cherishes me, he adores me not....Hey, rather than demolishing flawlessly great blooms, take this extremely precise how to tell if a person likes you test! Your senses will disclose to you a great deal, however this test can fill in the spaces you're not exactly beyond any doubt about. Now take this Does He Like Me Quiz & get some funny results.

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1. What is your zodiac sign?

5728 Cancer
5729 Aries
5730 Virgo
5731 Other

2. What is your gender?

5732 Female
5733 Male
5734 Other
5735 Don’t want to reveal

3. What is your favorite hobby among the following?

5736 Writing/reading
5737 Playing sport
5738 Adventuring
5739 Cooking

4. Which type of music you love?

5740 Rock
5741 Jazz
5742 Classic
5743 Any music

5. What is your most loved school subject?

5744 History
5745 Math
5746 Science
5747 Other

6. Which sort of story like by you?

5748 Horror
5749 Romantic
5750 Thriller
5751 Other than these

7. When will you plan for a kid after marriage?

5752 After one or two year
5753 After 4 year
5754 Never
5755 Didn’t think yet

8. What is your zodiac sing?

5756 Libra
5757 Aries
5758 Gemini
5759 Other
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