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Do You Know The Rising Of Sea Temperature Is Danger For Worldwide Trivia Quiz

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In a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change- IPCC on climate change, it has been said that if the rate of emission of greenhouse gases- GHG is not reduced by 2100 worldwide The oceans will absorb five to seven times more heat than in the last 50 years, due to which their temperature can increase drastically. The report warns that if the temperature continues to rise in the same way, by 2100, the global sea level will rise by at least one meter due to which many coastal cities Miami, Osaka, Shanghai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Surat and many more are submerged. Rising sea levels can also cause an increase in the frequency of many other extreme seasonal events, as in the context of high tides and intense storms. Take this trivia quiz about Rising Of Sea Temperature Is Danger For Worldwide.

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1. Cyclone _____________ in 2014 was the first severe cyclone to enter the Arabian Sea in the post-monsoon season.

34299 Cyclone Fani
34300 Cyclone Nilofar
34301 Cyclone Gaja
34302 Cyclone Vayu

2. Which cyclone caused the normal rise in sea level and the double impact of high tide in October 2014 to submerge many beaches in Goa?

34303 Cyclone Luban
34304 Cyclone Hudhud
34305 Cyclone Sidr
34306 Cyclone Phyan

3. Who is the founder of IPCC?

34307 Louis Agassiz
34308 Gilbert
34309 Bert Bolin
34310 J. Willis Ambrose

4. Which is the meaning of (AR-4) in IPCC?

34311 Final Assessment Report
34312 Fifth Assessment Report
34313 Fourth Assessment Report
34314 No anyone of above

5. What is the 2019 report of IPCC for climate change?

34315 Pic-up Call
34316 Rise-up Call
34317 Put-up Call
34318 Wake-up Call

6. Which country produces highly Green House Gas?

34319 United State
34320 India
34321 China
34322 France

7. The report of the IPCC warns of increasing frequency of phenomena such as ...

34323 El-Nino
34324 La-Nina
34325 Both of above
34326 None of these

8. Which instrument is capable to measure sea level?

34327 Altimeter
34328 Seismograph
34329 Perimeter
34330 Nanometre

9. Which is the altitude of sea level?

34331 2,444 meters
34332 2,000 meters
34333 4,400 meters
34334 2,400 meters

10. What effect of rising sea temperature on marine life?

34335 Coral bleaching
34336 Loss of breeding grounds for marine fishes
34337 Loss of breeding grounds for marine mammals
34338 All of above

11. The rising sea temperature also affects the benefits that humans receive from the sea, how?

34339 Threatening food security
34340 Increasing the prevalence of diseases
34341 More extreme weather
34342 All of above

12. The temperature of the upper few meters of the ocean – has increased by approximately ____________ per decade over the past 100 years.

34343 0.10°C
34344 0.13°C
34345 0.03°C
34346 0.23°C
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