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Quiz: How Much You Know About Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

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B & M Gates Foundation is an American private organization founded by Gates family. The basic theory of bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is we believe that every person's life is equally valuable. If we work together, we can reduce inequality and poverty. Together with our partners, we strive to improve the lives of more than billion's of people, working on challenges such as health, sanitation, access to financial facilities and the development of agriculture.

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1. For which campaign, Bill-Gates Foundation honored PM Modi with the 'Global Goalkeeper Award'?

50774 Swachh Bharat
50775 Atal Bhoo-jal Yojana
50776 Clean Ganga
50777 All of the above

2. When was bill and Melinda Gates Foundation founded?

50778 In 2000
50779 In 2001
50780 In 2009
50781 In 2010

3. Who is known as Co-chair of bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

50782 Bill Gates
50783 Warren Buffett
50784 Melinda Gates
50785 All of the above

4. Which is the working area of Gates Foundation?

50786 Healthcare
50787 Education
50788 Ending poverty
50789 All of the above

5. Which person appointed as CEO of Gates Foundation?

50790 Sam Hawgood
50791 Susan Desmond-Hellmann
50792 Marc Andreessen
50793 Reed Hastings

6. How much money allowed in 2017 for B & M Gates Foundation?

50794 ₹50.7 billion
50795 ¥50.7 billion
50796 £50.7 billion
50797 $50.7 billion

7. Who launched a partnership between the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation?

50798 Hillary Clinton
50799 Bill Clinton
50800 Joe Biden
50801 Chelsea Clinton

8. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation must donate funds equal to at least ___________% percent of its assets each year.

50802 10 percent
50803 15 percent
50804 05 percent
50805 25 percent

9. In November 2014, the Gates Foundation announced that they were adopting an...

50806 Open Access (OA) policy
50807 Open Accommodation (OA) policy
50808 Wellcome Open Research policy
50809 None of these

10. In _____________, the B&M foundation won the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation.

50810 In 2003
50811 In 2006
50812 In 2009
50813 In 2012

11. On November 22, 2016, President __________ honored Bill and Melinda Gates with The Presidential Medal of Freedom for their philanthropic efforts.

50814 Donald Trump
50815 Barack Obama
50816 George W. Bush
50817 Bill Clinton

12. What kind of family relationship does Bill Gates and Milinda Gates have?

50818 Daughter
50819 Wife
50820 Sister
50821 None
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