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What Type of Business Owner Are You Quiz

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A business owner or entrepreneurs is one who plans, builds relations and business day by day. They themselves are responsible for the development and growth of their business and networks. They are one who plans and defines their financial plans, mentors their staff and is responsible for their service too. As per saying they are the owners of the business but in real-world they are the ones who serve and work for the firm most despite office hours, holidays, or any family plans or time.

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1. What will you focus more on being an owner of it?

99819 Liabilities
99820 Assets of profit and loss
99821 Functionality
99822 Size of business

2. If we talk about your skills, which among the following is the best skill according to you of yours in your business?

99827 Communication
99828 Marketing
99829 Networking
99830 Problem Solving

3. What can be considered as your business motto?

99839 Large
99840 Small
99841 Budget Friendly
99842 Building and growing

4. Considering your perception how you will be more comfortable in running your business?

99843 Solo
99844 Partners
99845 In a form of big firm
99846 Dependent over the market

5. Basically, as an owner of a business which market would you target to attain success?

99847 National
99848 International
99849 State
99850 Any

6. If ever you faced a situation in life where you realize of losing your business then what will be your act of action?

99851 Demotivated
99852 Frustrated
99853 Quit
99854 Try to face the problem

7. What can describe your business in the best form?

99855 Creative
99856 Secure
99857 Preserve
99858 Freedom

8. State a statement that suits best to your assumption for business?

99859 Look on the bright side :: Be positive
99860 Hungry for success :: Be Ambitious
99861 Pull your socks up :: Hard Work
99862 Fingers crossed :: Luck

9. Did you start your business through financial stability?

99863 Loan
99864 Investors
99865 Family Business
99866 Partnership

10. Your business status can be described as?

99867 Start up
99868 Developed
99869 Growing in market
99870 Competitive
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