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Quiz: Are You An Impulsive Buyer?

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Shopping is one of the most interesting hobbies and amazing activity for millions of people. But do you know there are different types of buying habits as well as the types of buyers? Buying is not everyone's cup of tea! There are several things to keep in mind like budget, current needs, additional requirements as well as a suitable place. Impulsive buyers are considered to be the most amazing buyers who have the perfect intellect of purchasing. You might not know your type of buyer and might be eager to know Are You An Impulsive Buyer? Try out this very interesting quiz and get your answers and get to know your type!!

Let’s start the quiz

1. How much do you shop?

99287 Rarely
99288 Somewhat
99289 Often
99290 Very often

2. Do you think it is important for you to be a fashion leader?

99291 Rarely
99292 Somewhat
99293 Very often
99294 Often

3. Are you always aware of fashion trends?

99295 Often
99296 Rarely
99297 Very often
99298 Somewhat

4. Do you think you are really good with trends?

99299 Very often
99300 Often
99301 Somewhat
99302 Rarely

5. According to you, our clothes judged as the basis for individuality?

99303 Somewhat
99304 Often
99305 Very often
99306 Rarely

6. Do you spend a lot of money on accessories and clothes?

99307 Rarely
99308 Somewhat
99309 Often
99310 Very often

7. Do you buy things spontaneously?

99311 Rarely
99312 Often
99313 Very Often
99314 Somewhat

8. Do you end up spending more money than decided?

99315 Often
99316 Somewhat
99317 Rarely
99318 Very often

9. Do you like to buy things in the spur of the moment?

99319 Somewhat
99320 Often
99321 Rarely
99322 Very often

10. If you like the store than you might buy the thing from there?

99323 Somewhat
99324 Often
99325 Very often
99326 Rarely

11. In which age group do you lie?

99327 15-19
99328 20-26
99329 27-36
99330 37+

12. In which range does your income lie?

99331 Less than 20,000
99332 20,000-30,000
99333 31000-40000
99334 41000+
Let’s start the quiz

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