What Kind of AB are you, Broski?

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Are you a Little Sport? Big Kid?Little sissy boy? Or a Cream Kid? BOYS ONLY! ( Theres waaaay too many DDLGs on the internet.) Made by a 22 year old nigga from Rochester, New York. I just wanted to see how well i can make these quizzes.

Questions Excerpt

1. What Kind of pampers are under your belly button?

A. NorthShores, M-4s, Tena Branded Silent Pampers.

B. Ultra Simple w/ Stickers, Pull Ups, Tykables, Crinklz, Pirates etc.

C. Pink! Girly! Hearts and Unicorns you big sissy!!

D. Any Colorful and loud Pamper you can think of. But with Boosters!!

E. Pull Ups but with your favorite gaming mascot on it and glows in the dark!!

F. An already soggy pamper from your pal you dirty boy.

2. You and 4 other boys (Gay or Straight or whatever...) What are you doing this Friday Afternoon?

A. Me and Boys having a blast rubbing and humping each other! The boy with the most cream (most messy pamper) wins 50 bucks!!

B. It's a Chiil time actually, Playing Smash Bros. Watching Naruto and changing each other if needed. n0 hOm0 bRooo

C. Let's get gurly and play just dance and sing Frozen!! (Lmao)

D. Okay Babies. I got the Teddy Grahams and Strawberry Milk. What do you wanna watch? Rugrats to Paris or Max and Ruby?

3. You and your Daddy, Bro, Boyfriend or Vanilla Pal are going to a 5 Star mall. What's you drip kid?

A. I don't give a fuck really...uh...M4s?

B. Freddy Fazebear Tee, Jean Shorts, Crinklz and non creased AF1s

C. Material Gurl! (These hoes cant stand mee) Tight jeans, Pink Unicorns from Tykables, Nails down and My little pony paci

D. Thomas tank engine tee shirt, Red Converses and khaki shorts. Can't forget the massive Little Builders with 2 boosters you little soaker.

4. Oh No! You're roommate just walked in and saw you in nonthing but, a diaper!

A. Uuh....tell anyone i'll break your face.

B. Yeah....There pampers...so what?

C. *Get super blushy* I'll do whatever! Just dont tell anyone!! Please!!

D. *Mini heart Attack* GET OUT!!!!!

5. Aww Shit! You got invited to a ABDL sleepover (Halloween Edition)

A. Tank Top, Fuck pants i'm wearin' Black NorthShores.

B. 2 Piece Pumpkin jammies with the Peekabus poking out.

C. Black Skiry with webs on it and a puffy purple pamps on with cats on it.

D. White Footed Oneise with the word "Boo Boo!" On it. You brought you Teddy too.

6. What are you drinkin'?

A. Rooo Beeer

B. Pineapple Juice

C. Formula Banana

D. H20 (God your boring...)

7. You're with your bro sleeping with blinds open for the world to see. What does it look like?

A. Pacis, cuddling each other with Bareny on Tv

B. Same thing butt, Pink pamps or My Little Pony on blast.

C. Your boy sleep face down ass up drooling on the floor. You and arms and legs out with a white pamper on (thats yellow) with C.O.D. on screen.

D. Dirty Diaper piled up in the corner. Your bros butt in your face and King of the hill plays on Tv.

8. How do you like to be treated in private?

A. Just like a normal bro. *High Five*

B. The baby talk. The butt slaps. Dat good baby boi

C. Don't move. My girl is in the shower.

D. Get on your hands and knees bitch, I’m hard as fuck.

9. What do Pampers mean for you?

A. Dunno what it is about Cumming and having piss in my diaper....shit is mad comfy...Meh. Diapers are just a Kink for me.

B. Just always felt i belong in pampers. Non sexual just....love to wear and wet them...

C. I just...like to be dominated really...

D. Wasn't loved enough growing up. I really need this. Sike! I kust never wanted to grow up.

10. How do you like to use your pamps?

A. Pee Pee, Boom Boom and Oooze

B. Number 1

C. For Fashion ( Damn weirdo...)

D. Full on baby mode! The squat, the sounds and the nap afterwards.

11. Do you care who changes you?

A. Not really. Could be your your mom for all i care...

B. Naah. Only my close pals abdl or Non Abdl.

C. Souly my daddy/boyfriend

D. As long as im on a changing mat with a binky in my mouth then i kinda Don't care....

12. You and your boi are being bullied by this dude (or anyone that scares u) what do you do?

A. *Silently starts crying*

B. *curses and tries to run*

C. *gets mad and reverses the tables*

D. *Blushes and does nothing*


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