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Quiz: What Is Your Style Personality?

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Questions & Options

1. How often do you become dolled to go out?

138393 Rarely, I prefer to be comfortable.
138394 It does not hurt to do it, everyone, at once.
138395 Once or twice a week! It's romantic.
138396 I wouldn't say 'doll up' but I like working a little more than usual.

2. Will you wear skirts or pants to work?

138397 A skirt, but not like a tight suit
138398 Very tailored ankle suit pants
138399 I would rather wear a wrap dress.
138400 A full tailored suit

3. Where can someone find you in the mall?

138401 Shopping for bathing suits
138402 Looking for new band shirts at a Gothic store
138403 Looking at the jewelry
138404 Hit my favorite store by looking at what's new

4. What would you say about the relationship between style and personality?

138405 I think they go by hand in the same way.
138406 Style can be just one aspect of your personality that you guys want to see.
138407 Personality is what we are, style is what we want to be.
138408 Your personality is what gives way to your style.

5. Do you try to emulate the style of others?

138409 No way, I'm my style inspiration.
138410 I look at others. I admire to see what they think.
138411 I have a few people I go to for inspiration, but I do not imitate them.
138412 Yes all the time.

6. Putting outfits together with jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that you enjoy?

138413 This is not a priority.
138414 All my stuff is pretty much the same so don't have to put it together.
138415 This is one of the ways I am showing my creativity and individuality.
138416 I do! And there is a lot of fun to choose from.

7. Are you like the person who other people go for fashion advice?

138417 Yes, but I don't have much to give.
138418 Maybe a long time ago, but not now.
138419 Sometimes, if that person shares a similar style.
138420 Again and again! I like giving it so much.

8. When torn between two Outfit options, how would you choose who you would go for the last?

138421 Whatever I feel most at that time
138422 Whichever is the cleanest
138423 Which I think will suit my partner the best
138424 The one that will bring the most likes on Instagram

9. This is the date of the night! What are you wearing?

138425 A loose-gradient maxi dress
138426 A body-con dress and high heels
138427 A sweet eyelet dress and wedges
138428 Dark skinny jeans and a loose blouse with fun ornaments

10. What is your favorite Summer Vacation Outfit?

138429 Bikini and shorts with high waist
138430 The very same accessories I wear all year round, just summer versions
138431 A beach coverup and sandals
138432 Crop Top & Shorts
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