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What Dirt Bike Is Right For Me Quiz

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Lifestyle has always been a great parameter in getting to know the success of a person. Having big and stylish vehicles are a great parameter to understand the style quotient of a person. Dirt bikes, one of the finest bikes which mark the style quotient of a person. But, it is believed that these bikes vary with the style as well as your personality. Have you ever thought about which bike might suit your personality? Try out this very interesting quiz and get to know What Dirt Bike Is Right For Me? Get to know more about your personality and your lifestyle!

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1. How often do you ride in the rain?

128561 Often
128562 Somewhat
128563 Rarely
128564 Very often

2. How often do you wear normal clothes on your bike without any motorcycle gear apart from a helmet?

128565 Rarely
128566 Somewhat
128567 Often
128568 Very often

3. What suits you the best?

128569 My bike is my everything
128570 I live to ride
128571 I just go out on weekends
128572 The speed ignites me

4. Choose your favorite helmet brand?

128573 Nolan
128574 Shark
128575 AGV
128576 Icon

5. How many jackets do you have?

128577 1
128578 2-3
128579 4-5
128580 6+

6. How often you've been fined for high speed?

128581 Somewhat
128582 Often
128583 Very often
128584 Rarely

7. How often do you go over 120 ks?

128585 Somewhat
128586 Often
128587 Rarely
128588 Very often

8. How often do you ride off-road?

128589 Somewhat
128590 Rarely
128591 Very Often
128592 Often

9. Which types of bikes do you like?

128593 Cruiser
128594 Dirt
128595 Dual purpose
128596 Full fairing and sppedy

10. How often do you ride?

128597 1 day a week
128598 3 days a week
128599 5 days a week
128600 Everyday a week

11. Choose the bike whose look you like a lot?

128601 KTM
128602 Husqvarna
128603 Bultaco
128604 Hyosung

12. When do you leave for a ride?

128605 Early morning
128606 An hour prior to meeting someone lese
128607 Around 9 or 10
128608 Whenever I wake up
Let’s start the quiz

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