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Quiz: What Store Should I Shop At?

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Questions & Options

1. What are you wearing right now?

133493 Jeans and top
133494 Swim suit
133495 Hoodie
133496 A cute tank top with shorts

2. What was the last store where you shopped and how often do you shop there?

133497 GAP like always
133498 ZARA
133499 Shopper’s stop
133500 Zumiez, but once only

3. What do your friends say about your outfits?

133501 They never say anything
133502 They appreciate my outfits always
133503 They ask me from where do I shop
133504 I don’t have many friends

4. Do you often buy clothes or borrow them?

133505 Never borrow them
133506 Borrow at times
133507 Both
133508 I usually buy or wear my old clothes

5. What’s your favorite color that looks good on you?

133509 Pink
133510 Blue or green
133511 White or Black
133512 Every color looks good on me

6. What is the favorite part of your outfit?

133513 Dress or skirt
133514 T-shirt
133515 Jeans, shorts, leggings
133516 Sweater or jacket

7. How big is your closet?

133517 Very small
133518 Average size
133519 Huge
133520 Lots of clothes and fully occupied

8. Where do you buy your shoes from?

133521 Anywhere
133522 Bata
133523 Payless shoes
133524 Skechers

9. Do you think you have a better fashion and style than your best friend?

133525 Yes, my style is better
133526 Not really
133527 I need to improve my style
133528 I am good but my friend’s style is far better

10. When do you usually go shopping?

133529 When I am bored
133530 Whenever I need new stuff
133531 When my friends and I are free
133532 Whenever there’s a sale going on
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