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Quiz: How Should You Celebrate New Year's Eve?

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New Year's eve is something close to everyone's heart! Well everyone likes to celebrate their new year night in different ways. Some people like to spend the eve just as their usual day while some like to party all night with their close ones. But do you know according to your personality and preferences how should you celebrate your New Year's Eve! You might be eager to know which way should you celebrate your eve. You should try this quiz and see How Should You Celebrate New Year's Eve?

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1. Where did you spend your previous New Year's Eve?

86381 Party
86382 Big Event
86383 With my partner
86384 At my home

2. What do you think when you hear about Saturday Night?

86385 Movie at home
86386 Camping in mountains
86387 Partying
86388 Dinner with partner

3. When you go to bed at night, what do you prefer to wear?

86389 Nothing
86390 Lingerie
86391 Shorts and loose tee
86392 Pajamas

4. Which word describes your personality?

86393 Generous
86394 Quirky
86395 Attitude
86396 Smart

5. Which one are you: Always late or punctual?

86397 Always Late
86398 Punctual
86399 Both equally
86400 Late for work but punctual for occassions

6. Pick a snack?

86401 Chips
86402 Cookies
86403 Ice Cream
86404 Dark Chocolate

7. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in attending parties?

86405 5
86406 7
86407 10
86408 I don't attend parties,I host them

8. How would you describe yourself in school?

86409 Teacher's pet
86410 Clown
86411 The attention seeker
86412 Genius

9. Where will you go on your dream vacation?

86413 Historical Europe Trip
86414 Fun Thailand Trip
86415 Shopping in New York
86416 Staying at home

10. Pick your preferred sport

86417 Team Sport
86418 Individual Sport
86419 Extreme Sport
86420 All the sports
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