Who Will You Marry Quiz

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Do you ever feel tensed whenever you think about who you are eventually going to marry? Will he be the genuine romance of your life or just somebody you need to wed out of urgency? The man you will get toward the finish of this test will mirror a similar character as the one you will marry. Take this test to discover who you will marry in the future!

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you marry for love or money?

A. Money

B. Love is most important

C. Both

D. No, I do not know

2. Do you believe in “Love at First Sight”?

A. Probable yes

B. No

C. It’s in a fantasy world

D. No comment

3. Do you want to grow old with your future husband?

A. Yes, I will

B. Maybe, we'll see when the right time comes

C. No

D. No, I do not want to share

4. Where would you prefer to have dinner on a first date?

A. In a restaurant

B. A small local place (nothing too fancy)

C. At a Chinese takeout

D. I the market

5. Do you want a skinny, tall, short or fat man?

A. Tall is best

B. Short is fine with me

C. Doesn't matter

D. I do not want to marry

6. Love was more:

A. Kind

B. Simple

C. Simple Sensual

D. Just a friendship

7. You secretly want the love of your life to have...

A. Power and money

B. Great looks

C. The same interest as I do

D. Never

8. What kind of wedding do you want?

A. A big and lavish wedding

B. An intimate wedding

C. A beautiful fairy tale wedding

D. Dependent wedding

9. What do you hope to have common with your partner?

A. Sense of humor

B. Similar religion

C. Similar life goals

D. Same ideology

10. What quality do you look for in a partner?

A. Passionate

B. Intelligent

C. Adventurous

D. Creative


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