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Who Will You Marry Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Would you marry for love or money?

13769 Money
13770 Love is most important
13771 Both
13772 No, I do not know

2. Do you believe in “Love at First Sight”?

13773 Probable yes
13774 No
13775 It’s in a fantasy world
13776 No comment

3. Do you want to grow old with your future husband?

13777 Yes, I will
13778 Maybe, we'll see when the right time comes
13779 No
13780 No, I do not want to share

4. Where would you prefer to have dinner on a first date?

13781 In a restaurant
13782 A small local place (nothing too fancy)
13783 At a Chinese takeout
13784 I the market

5. Do you want a skinny, tall, short or fat man?

13785 Tall is best
13786 Short is fine with me
13787 Doesn't matter
13788 I do not want to marry

6. Love was more:

13789 Kind
13790 Simple
13791 Simple Sensual
13792 Just a friendship

7. You secretly want the love of your life to have...

13793 Power and money
13794 Great looks
13795 The same interest as I do
13796 Never

8. What kind of wedding do you want?

13797 A big and lavish wedding
13798 An intimate wedding
13799 A beautiful fairy tale wedding
13800 Dependent wedding

9. What do you hope to have common with your partner?

13801 Sense of humor
13802 Similar religion
13803 Similar life goals
13804 Same ideology

10. What quality do you look for in a partner?

13805 Passionate
13806 Intelligent
13807 Adventurous
13808 Creative
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