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Happy Marriage Test Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Are you taking daily stress because of your partner?

68698 Maybe yes
68699 Sometimes
68700 Maybe yes, but I can not share with my partner
68701 Nothing to take the stress

2. Are you comfortable with your partner?

68702 Of course yes
68703 Maybe sometimes
68704 65% of the time
68705 No, comment

3. Do you do argue with your partner?

68706 Definitely, yes
68707 Definitely, no
68708 Maybe sometimes
68709 Yes but not too much

4. Do you have something common in your partner?

68710 Absolutely yes & more than one thing
68711 Maybe yes
68712 Nothing common in my partner
68713 Maybe nothing in common

5. Are you trustworthy for each other?

68714 Definitely yes
68715 Definitely no
68716 Sometimes
68717 No, because of the lack of trust

6. Are you helping each other with an odd situation?

68718 Always yes
68719 Always no
68720 Maybe
68721 You hope so

7. Does your partner attract you?

68722 Yes- all the time
68723 Sometimes & this is natural
68724 I think not
68725 Do not want to disclose

8. Do you feel happy when helping you with each other?

68726 Yes, feel happy
68727 Sometimes
68728 Not really
68729 I think no

9. Do you remember your promise to each other?

68730 Yes, this is normal to remember
68731 Never have enough time to remember
68732 Maybe yes
68733 No comment
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