Quiz: How Long I Need to Wait For Marriage?

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Everyone has a mixed feeling for marriage. When one thinks positively towards it, he thinks to get married early and dreams of evergreen and joyous conjugal life whereas its darker aspect leaves a person to think twice before taking the big decision. So if you’re curious about your marriage and snooping at what age you’ll get married? Then this quiz is for you. Let’s go ahead and take this quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. How are marriages?

A. Sweet

B. Huge commitment

C. Companionship

D. Don’t have time to think

2. Are you in love with someone?

A. Yes, we both love each other

B. Yes, I love someone but I do not know whether he/she loves me

C. No

D. What is love?

3. What kind of marriage do you prefer?

A. Love marriage

B. Arrange marriage

C. Never thought of

D. Love-cum-arrange

4. Have you ever been in a relationship?

A. Not yet, I am waiting for the right one

B. Once

C. Twice

D. Thrice or more

5. How many siblings are there in your family?

A. I am alone

B. I have one elder brother/sister

C. I have 3 siblings & I am the youngest

D. I have more than 3 brothers & sisters

6. Is your brother or sister married?

A. Yes, I am the only one to get married

B. One/Two more elders to get married

C. No one is married yet

D. Sadly he/she is divorced

7. Are you realistic or optimistic?

A. I am realistic

B. I am optimistic

C. That’s crazy

D. Sometimes realistic and sometimes optimistic

8. Are you ready to take responsibility?

A. Yes

B. No. I want to be always free

C. I am not sure

D. I already share responsibilities

9. Do you have any choice about your wedding ring?

A. Yes, I have searched it and selected a type

B. Yes, I like few designs but have much time to choose

C. Want to select soon

D. No, never thought

10. What clothing do you prefer in your marriage?

A. I will wear an evening jacket with matching trouser

B. I will wear a black tuxedo

C. Never thought, maybe something traditional

D. Linen suit/ Flowy dress


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