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Quiz: How Long I Need to Wait For Marriage?

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Questions & Options

1. How are marriages?

63734 Sweet
63735 Huge commitment
63736 Companionship
63737 Don’t have time to think

2. Are you in love with someone?

63738 Yes, we both love each other
63739 Yes, I love someone but I do not know whether he/she loves me
63740 No
63741 What is love?

3. What kind of marriage do you prefer?

63742 Love marriage
63743 Arrange marriage
63744 Never thought of
63745 Love-cum-arrange

4. Have you ever been in a relationship?

63746 Not yet, I am waiting for the right one
63747 Once
63748 Twice
63749 Thrice or more

5. How many siblings are there in your family?

63750 I am alone
63751 I have one elder brother/sister
63752 I have 3 siblings & I am the youngest
63753 I have more than 3 brothers & sisters

6. Is your brother or sister married?

63754 Yes, I am the only one to get married
63755 One/Two more elders to get married
63756 No one is married yet
63757 Sadly he/she is divorced

7. Are you realistic or optimistic?

63758 I am realistic
63759 I am optimistic
63760 That’s crazy
63761 Sometimes realistic and sometimes optimistic

8. Are you ready to take responsibility?

63762 Yes
63763 No. I want to be always free
63764 I am not sure
63765 I already share responsibilities

9. Do you have any choice about your wedding ring?

63766 Yes, I have searched it and selected a type
63767 Yes, I like few designs but have much time to choose
63768 Want to select soon
63769 No, never thought

10. What clothing do you prefer in your marriage?

63770 I will wear an evening jacket with matching trouser
63771 I will wear a black tuxedo
63772 Never thought, maybe something traditional
63773 Linen suit/ Flowy dress
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