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What Wedding Dress Should I Wear Quiz

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Are you getting married soon? Congratulations!! What dress are you going for? You must want everything to be perfect at your wedding, and the wedding dress must be a fantastic one. Are you confused about what kind of wedding dress you should buy for your wedding day and whether it will match the wedding mood? Find your perfect dress by taking this exciting quiz.

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1. What is your personal style?

128357 Dressy
128358 Sexy
128359 Simple
128360 Conservative

2. What is your profession?

128361 Teacher
128362 Lawyer
128363 Businessperson
128364 I don’t work

3. How much do you earn?

128365 I earn pretty well
128366 I own a Lamborghini
128367 I am very poor
128368 I skip my suffer to save money

4. In which style do you want to get wedded?

128369 Casual
128370 Bold
128371 Stylish
128372 Floral

5. Where will your wedding take place?

128373 Beach
128374 In a Hotel
128375 In the Backyard
128376 Church

6. Which is your favorite dance song?

128377 Love me tender by Elvis
128378 Perfect by Ed Sheeran
128379 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
128380 Crazy in Love by Beyoncé

7. What is your body type?

128381 Apple
128382 Hourglass
128383 Pear
128384 Stick-thin

8. Which season do you prefer for marriage?

128385 Summer
128386 Spring
128387 Autumn
128388 Any season is fine

9. How long must be your wedding dress?

128389 Floor-length
128390 Asymmetrical
128391 Dragging on the floor
128392 Knee-length

10. Do you want any lacework in your wedding dress?

128393 I am a fan
128394 Some lace is okay
128395 Not a big fan of lace
128396 Not at all
Let’s start the quiz

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