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Quiz: How Is Your Marriage Doing

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Questions & Options

1. From how much time you are living together?

57318 Almost less than a year
57319 Almost less than 8 months
57320 Almost more than 2 years now
57321 Maybe, less than a month

2. How many babies you will have in the future?

57322 Maybe only one
57323 Two will be a good amount
57324 Maybe more than two
57325 No, comments

3. Will you celebrate your marriage anniversary?

57326 Yes, all are liking this
57327 This is totally time of waste
57328 Sometimes, when you got the money to do so
57329 No comments

4. Do you share your internal feeling with your partners?

57330 No, I do not like
57331 Yes, off course
57332 Sometimes, sharing but not much
57333 You’ve never really thought about that

5. Will you share your assets with a partner?

57334 Yes, all of them
57335 Only 40% of them
57336 Only 20% of them
57337 No, I do not believe in this

6. Who has more responsibility for your partners & you?

57338 Maybe, yours
57339 Maybe your spouse
57340 You both are
57341 Neither one of you are

7. Who is funnier, your partner or you?

57342 Maybe your spouse
57343 Maybe you
57344 Maybe both
57345 This is a waste of time

8. Do you believe in the emotional connection?

57346 Of course, yes
57347 Not really
57348 Sometimes, yes
57349 Just a tiny bit

9. Do you feel better after marriage?

57350 This is a very funny question but yes
57351 Maybe yes
57352 You hope so
57353 Not really because you are still the same

10. Who is more lovable?

57354 Maybe you
57355 Maybe your partner
57356 No one
57357 No comments
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