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What Shoes Should I Get Quiz

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The personality of any personal matters a lot in determining them and their traits. Several people have said that shoes are the perfect thing that describes the wholesome about you in front of any person. But we know the fact that there are different types of shoes suitable for different kinds of people. Have you ever thought about which type of shoes might best describe your personality the best? try out this very interesting and amazing quiz and see what shoes should I get?

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1. What is your personality?

128861 Kind
128862 Confident
128863 Grounded
128864 Bold enough

2. How often do you socialize?

128865 Often
128866 Very often
128867 Somewhat
128868 Rarely

3. How often do you get a chance to sit and relax?

128869 Often
128870 Somewhat
128871 Rarely
128872 Very often

4. Do you need a lot of ankle support?

128873 Somewhat agree
128874 Somewhat disagree
128875 Agree
128876 Disagree

5. How often do you work in a super fancy environment?

128877 Somewhat
128878 Very often
128879 Rarely
128880 Often

6. Do you run around all types of terrain?

128881 Somewhat agree
128882 Disagree
128883 Agree
128884 Somewhat agree

7. How often does it rain where you live?

128885 Often
128886 Somewhat
128887 Rarely
128888 Very often

8. How often do you party?

128889 Often
128890 Very often
128891 Somewhat
128892 Rarely

9. Does comfort matters to you a lot?

128893 Somewhat
128894 Often
128895 Very often
128896 Rarely

10. What is your strength?

128897 Patience
128898 Confidence
128899 Leadership
128900 Unity

11. How often do you spend time outdoors?

128901 Rarely
128902 Somewhat
128903 Often
128904 Very often

12. How often do you like being barefoot?

128905 A lot
128906 Somewhat
128907 Never
128908 Depends on my mood
Let’s start the quiz

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