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Harry Potter Character Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. How often do you get angry?

149490 Very often
149491 I get but I control it
149492 Sometimes when anyone hurt my feeling
149493 Never

2. How much do you love books?

149494 A lot I read many books in a week
149495 I read only occasionally when it's needed
149496 I read all those books which are of my interest
149497 I don’t like reading at all.

3. How much do you love playing chess?

149498 I play chess daily
149499 I play occasionally but I know I am pretty good at it
149500 I am somewhere at the beginner level
149501 I don’t know how to play chess

4. What do you do when you see a puppy left by someone at the roadside?

149502 You ignore and move on
149503 You give him food and go back to your place
149504 You take him home with you
149505 You try to arrange a shelter for him

5. How much does magic fascinate you?

149506 I love magic but only of the kind happening in the harry potter series
149507 I love watching all kind of magic shows
149508 I love magic shows in which they can read your mind
149509 I don’t like magic at all

6. How popular are you among your batchmates?

149510 Very popular
149511 Somewhere mediocre
149512 I am not well recognized
149513 I don’t have a solid group

7. How good are you at your academics?

149514 I am among the toppers
149515 I am a mediocre
149516 Not a scholar
149517 I don’t study

8. How true are your friends to you?

149518 Very true
149519 Only one or two out of all
149520 Not at all, they are all selfish
149521 I don’t know

9. How many times have you broken yourself?

149522 Once
149523 Twice
149524 Thrice
149525 Never

10. Which one would you prefer for a long journey with friends?

149530 A car
149531 A bus
149532 A train
149533 A flight
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