Big Mouth Quiz: Which Big Mouth Character Are You?

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Big Mouth is an animated American Television series which is created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The first show of Big Mouth premiered on September 29, 2017. The story of the drama revolves around friends in middle school who face the challenges and awkwardness of puberty. It is known for its humor. This show tackles topics such as sexuality, relationships, and self-discovery. So take this quiz and know which Big Mouth character are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you face some embarrassing situation how do you deal with it?

A. Laughing at it

B. Act on it with irritation

C. Do sarcasm on the situation

D. Act normal

2. In your friend circle, Which role do you play?

A. Try to keep everyone happy

B. I am always loyal to everyone

C. Give emotional support

D. I act as a studious one who provides notes

3. When you do friendship with a new person do you think about it?

A. Yes I overthink about it

B. Yes I think about his/her honesty

C. Yes because I feel emotionally connected with him/her

D. I don’t do it fast. I take time and after friendship, I don’t think about it

4. How do you deal with peer pressure?

A. Try to focus on my goal

B. I follow my rule and if I feel no then said it

C. It affects me and I work according to the situation

D. I politely declined it

5. When you get to school work how do you do it?

A. If it is necessary then I do it and if it is not then I leave it for another day

B. I do it with my full efforts

C. I try to do with shortcuts

D. I search a lot and do classy work

6. Which approach do you choose for releasing stress?

A. Use our great humor and make jokes

B. Try to take emotional support from friends

C. Release our frustration with another person

D. Just try to be relax

7. Which fashion and style do you choose for yourself?

A. I always wear comfortable clothes

B. I go with trendy clothes

C. I wear bold fashionable clothes

D. I choose classy and modest wear

8. What is your reaction to romantic feelings?

A. I feel nervous

B. I am honest and straightforward

C. Overthink about it

D. Act thoughtful

9. When you make a difficult decision what do you do?

A. Take suggestions from friends

B. Make decisions on your values

C. Take a question-answer round with yourself

D. Take time and then go for it

10. When you face any difficult problem then what do you do next?

A. Seeking for help from others

B. Find a practical solution to the problem

C. Just cry and express your frustration

D. Take my time analysing it

11. In which way you spend your free time?

A. Watching TV

B. Pursuing hobbies

C. Have fun with friends

D. Reading books

12. When you saw your crush how did you act?

A. I feel nervous

B. Try to confess my feelings

C. Overthink about the situation and run from their

D. Approach the person calmly

13. Which one is your humor style?

A. Just enjoy it

B. Appreciate the jokes

C. Embrace with sarcasm and dark jokes

D. Try to be sensible

14. When you make any decision you rely on:

A. Friends advice

B. Own values and principles

C. My gut feeling

D. The consequences of the decision on yourself

15. What is your approach towards new experiences?

A. I do it with curiosity and enthusiasm

B. I do it with desire

C. I have mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety

D. I go through a good research and preparation


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