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What Undertale Character Are You Quiz

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Undertale is a decision impacted RPG amusement made by Toby Fox. The diversion includes your character's spirit which falls into the underground and his adventure back to the world. In transit, you find different beasts and your decision to save them or execute them chooses how your spirit will move toward becoming. The test surmises which soul you will be. Take an ultimate quiz about Undertale Character.

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1. How frequently do you have dreams of things to come?

2196 Sometimes
2197 Never
2198 Always
2199 Don’t remember any dream

2. What is the purpose of your life?

2200 To serve my nation
2201 To help the needy
2202 To change the system
2203 To do everything to make my family happy

3. Which sort of story like by you?

2204 Horror
2205 Romantic
2206 Thriller
2207 Other than these

4. What sort of music do you like?

2208 Soft
2209 Classic
2210 Pop
2211 Other than these

5. Which fashion style you prefer?

2212 Vintage fashion style
2213 Sexy
2214 Casual
2215 Sophisticated

6. What is hobby among them?

2216 Reading
2217 Do sports activity
2218 Watching Tv
2219 Other

7. What does he do to impress you?

2220 Everything
2221 Wear my favorite color dresses
2222 Give lift to home
2223 Other

8. How many times your crush meets you?

2224 We often meet as we live nearby
2225 Almost daily as we are office mate/ school mate/college mate
2226 We didn’t meet yet
2227 One time only
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