What Type Of Karen Are You Quiz

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The year 2020 has been a bumpy ride that introduced many new things though some were negative. Similarly, it added one more word to Internet vocabulary then. The new term ‘Karen’ was abuzz on the internet all year round. It emerged as a title to the middle-aged white demanding woman who is a racist. She likes to speak to the manager. As the lockdown continued, Karen made their way into our life. Do you want to know what type of Karen are you?

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your age group?

A. Below 16

B. 17-25

C. 26-34

D. 35+

2. How will you react if someone messes up with you?

A. It is unacceptable, I would ask for the manager

B. Accidents may happen

C. I politely talk to them

D. Don’t know

3. What is most annoying to you?

A. Someone in ripped jeans

B. Disrespect

C. People making noise while chewing

D. Losing

4. What is the one thing you never leave your home without?

A. Mobile

B. Glasses

C. Bottle opener

D. My smile

5. What do you like to have at dinner?

A. Something healthy, organic, and vegan

B. Roasted chicken with lots of veggies

C. Simple American food

D. A gluten-free brownie dessert & some junk food

6. If you were stranded on an Island, what thing will be there with you?

A. iPod with latest songs

B. Wine

C. Mobile

D. My favorite novel

7. What is your status at your kid’s school?

A. Selective!

B. Social-climber

C. Popular & Trendy

D. Eccentric

8. What is negative about your character?

A. I’m perfectionist

B. I can be pushy and inconsiderate

C. I’m very picky

D. I get easily stressed

9. Which kitchen appliance is an asset for you?

A. Crockpot

B. Instantpot

C. Wine glass

D. Refrigerator

10. What is the name of your kid?

A. Susan

B. Emilie

C. Christina

D. Abygayle


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