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Quiz: What Type Of Eater Are You?

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Food is one of the most important priorities for every person. Well, for some people like food raw or boiled or simple while some love to have vague varieties and spices. There are different types of eaters and every person has their own different taste. Some people like to eat in a very simple way and from the same place as every time. You might have thought about your eating style if it is really good for your health or not? You might be eager to know What Type Of Eater Are You? Try out this quiz and find the type of eater are you!

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1. What is your personality?

98571 Happy
98572 Sad
98573 Anxious
98574 Normal

2. Are you good at planning your meals?

98575 Rarely
98576 Often
98577 Very Often
98578 Somewhat

3. What gives you more pleasure?

98579 Texture of food
98580 How it tastes
98581 With whom I am having it
98582 How much calories does it burn

4. Where would you like to eat?

98583 A place with healthy menu
98584 My all time favorite one
98585 Where there are amazing deserts
98586 I don't care about place

5. What cause would you go off if you are on a diet?

98587 Fight with my partner
98588 Routine getting disrupted
98589 If someone gets me donuts
98590 Anything will go for me

6. What are you most likely to eat for lunch?

98591 What I always eat, the same
98592 Whatever looks good
98593 What I have planned
98594 Whatever I decide in 5 mins

7. Pick your favorite dessert?

98595 Ice Cream
98596 Waffles
98597 Choco cookies
98598 Anything will work for me

8. What will be your reason for eating mashed potatoes?

98599 I need a hug
98600 Creamy and buttery
98601 Looks yummy
98602 A kinda staple dish

9. DO you eat when you're bored?

98603 Rarely
98604 Somewhat
98605 Often
98606 Very Often

10. Is there variety in your diet?

98607 Somewhat
98608 Often
98609 Very Often
98610 Rarely

11. Are you good at sticking at your grocery list?

98611 Very Often
98612 Somewhat
98613 Rarely
98614 Often

12. What's your appetite when you're sad?

98615 Out of control
98616 Unchanged
98617 Non-existent
98618 Not sure
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