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Quiz: What Kind Of Glasses Should I Get?

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Questions & Options

1. How would you define your facial structure?

126757 Thin and long
126758 Fat and round
126759 Heart-shaped
126760 Asymmetrical

2. Do you need glasses for your eyesight?

126761 Yes...I can't see a thing without glasses
126762 I need glasses for my migraine
126763 I want glasses just for fashion
126764 I don't have a problem in eyesight

3. What time do you spend watching at the monitor or mobile screen?

126769 Throughout the day
126770 When I do not have work
126771 Very frequently
126772 Very rare

4. What's your gender?

126773 Male
126774 Female
126775 Others
126776 Don't want to say

5. Do you prefer non-bifocals?

126777 Yes, of course
126778 No, something else
126779 Doesn't matter
126780 I have no idea in this

6. Do you have any specifications in false frames?

126781 I want plastic frames
126782 I want glass frames
126783 I prefer metallic frames
126784 Doesn't matter

7. What is your style?

126785 Bold and brave
126786 Chic and elegant
126787 Casual
126788 Street fashion

8. How often do you keep up with trends?

126789 I am extremely trendy
126790 I follow all updates in showbiz
126791 I have no idea about trends
126792 I follow trends when I feel like

9. What is the most attractive thing in your face?

126793 Eyes
126794 Lips
126795 Nose
126796 Nothing

10. How would you describe your personality?

126797 Confident
126798 Sweet
126799 Bold
126800 Carefree
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