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Quiz: What Is Your Christmas Decorating Style?

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December switches on the multi-colored light flashes and festive thoughts. The season calls for putting your creative hat on. Is your decorative style relaxed or rustic or modern and sleek? In decoration for the holy Christmas, we can't get rid of the temptation of baubles, snowflakes, candy canes, wooden art, etc. Take this interesting quiz to find what is your Christmas decorating style?

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1. Pick your Christmas color palette-

111830 White, red, green, & silver
111831 Silver, gold, red & green
111832 Red, green, & gold
111833 White & icy blue flakes

2. The sweet you include in the Christmas celebration-

111838 Yule Log
111839 Sesame balls
111840 Christmas candy
111841 Christmas cookies

3. The Christmas classic you love to watch-

111842 Elf
111843 A Christmas carol
111844 Home Alone
111845 The nightmare before Christmas

4. The most lovable thing about Christmas is-

111850 Singing & dancing
111851 Receiving gifts
111852 Christmas cake
111853 The decorations

5. A gift has to be wrapped nicely in an attractive gift paper, which wrapping paper would you pick?

111858 The one with Santa printed all over
111859 A snowy white paper with glittering ornaments & bows
111860 A beige parchment paper with fancy red ribbon & green branches to decorate
111861 A newspaper to wrap & tie with a red ribbon

6. Your door wreath looks like-

111866 Reddis
111867 Whites
111868 Blues
111869 No colors

7. Yea or Nah for wooden sleigh candle stand

111870 Yes
111871 No
111872 Not sure how it looks
111873 Maybe it's 50-50

8. What is your Christmas dining table décor?

111878 Christmas Gift Bag Table
111879 Black And White Modern Christmas Table
111880 Traditional Rustic Holiday Table
111881 Rustic Christmas Table In Black And White

9. Which of the following is your favorite Christmas ornament?

111882 Baubles
111883 Bells
111884 Woodland animals
111885 Snowflakes
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