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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Christmas

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On Christmas, Christians decorate their houses well. The church holds special prayers. People visit their relatives and friends at their home. All give each other gifts. On this day a Christmas tree is planted in the courtyard. Its special decoration is done. Cake has special significance at this festival. The custom of cutting and feeding sweet, Manmohan cakes is very old. People feed each other cake and greet the festival. Taking the form of Santa Claus, a person distributes gifts, gifts, etc. to children. It is said that Santa Claus comes from heaven and gives people the things they want as gifts. Let's test your knowledge about Christmas.

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1. Christmas festival is celebrated as whose birthday?

49414 Santa Claus
49415 Jesus Christ
49416 Saint joseph cathedral
49417 All of the above

2. Why is Christmas also called the big day?

49418 The Christian community has the largest and happiest festival
49419 This days is big day according to time
49420 Due to the huge market
49421 None of these

3. How many days before Christmas do people of Christ society get ready for this?

49422 10 days
49423 05 days
49424 15 days
49425 20 days

4. What is the special 'Christmas Dish' that Christmas is incomplete without this?

49426 Pastries
49427 Chocolate
49428 Cake
49429 All of the above

5. How many kilo/kg bells are played at 12 o'clock in the night at the same time as the birth of Lord Jesus in Saint Joseph's Cathedral Church in Golmuri?

49430 275 kilo/kg
49431 270 kilo/kg
49432 272 kilo/kg
49433 280 kilo/kg

6. In which year was the bell placed in Saint Joseph's Cathedral Church in Golmuri?

49434 12 Sept 1957
49435 12 Sept 1967
49436 12 Sept 1977
49437 12 Sept 1987

7. The foundation stone of Saint Mark's Church took place on 15 August ______________ in Chhotanagpur.

49438 1942
49439 1962
49440 1982
49441 1970

8. Which church was inaugurated by SABD Hans, the first Indian bishop of Chotanagpur?

49442 Saint Mark's Church
49443 Church mango
49444 Both of the above
49445 None of these

9. When was the foundation of the Central GL Church in New Sitaramadera laid?

49446 14 Feb 1955
49447 14 Feb 1954
49448 24 Feb 1955
49449 25 Feb 1955

10. The foundation of the Central GL Church at New Sitaramadera was laid by...

49450 By Hans Lalon
49451 By Hans Louis
49452 By Hans Lackis
49453 None of these

11. On which day is Christmas celebrated in different regions of the world?

49454 December 25
49455 January 7
49456 January 6
49457 All of the above

12. Christmas related to....

49458 Christmastide
49459 Christmas Eve
49460 Advent
49461 All of the above
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